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Reprint of Article in Denton Record Chronicle-November 2006 by Dawn Cobb, Business Editor
"HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASON REVS UP"---Local Couple turns love of collecting into décor shop

Dennis Riney never envisioned that several years after his father's passing he would pick up his same passion for working with woods, creating everything from headboards to buffets to fireplace mantels. The longtime Denton business owner, once involved solely in the manufacturing industry, now spends much of his time honing his furniture-making skills in the a shop filled with assorted woods and crafting tools.

Beverly Riney showcases her husband's handmade pieces in the couple's shop, The Bow-Legged Cowboy, located nine miles west of Denton on US Highway 380.

The rustic-styled building, complete with natural wooden posts supporting a veranda, seems to invite passers-by to stop for a while.

"Sometimes, they think it's a home," Beverly Riney said, smiling as she recalled how some visitors hesitate to walk in the front door.

The couple has worked to display several signs in the hope of letting travelers know the rustic building is indeed a place to shop for classic Western décor.

Filled to the brim, the store's interior features an array of handmade custom furniture, framed artwork, leather furniture, cowhides, Western bedding, custom fireplace mantels, cedar posts, lamps and hand-painted shades, antler chandeliers, handmade pottery and more.

"It was our love of collecting that got us started", Beverly Riney said of the shop the couple open a little more than 3 years ago.

A wide assortment of wooden crosses depict a Western theme alongside American Indian sculptures and carvings, blankets, and even the Riney's own line of candles with scents such as leather, cedar vanilla, and orange clove.

The 3,000-square-foot store also features elements the couple can create for home interiors, including wood trims, custom metal bathroom accessories, decorative corbels, silhouettes and, soon, Western-themed metal porch rails.

"Popular woods, especially for beds, include the Ponderosa pine and cedar", Dennis Riney said, standing in another shop behind the business where several logs lean against the walls in a drying process that can take up to five months.

The logs are carefully selected for shape and color, peeled and left to dry until they are ready for use.

"I build a lot of my log beds out of cedar", he said. "I try to use the natural look of woods. It takes a long time to pick out logs you're going to use."

Dennis Riney prefers to create his pieces using wood joint, fitting them together much like the antique pieces of years past.

The difference, however, is seen mostly in the styles of his furniture. His father created a more refined, antique-style pieces that have been kept in the family.

"My father was a master craftsman," he said. "He always wanted me to come over and learn."

Though he did not apprentice with his father, the artistic bent passed down to the next generation.

"Being around him and watching him, you pick up things", he said.

Dennis Riney says he prefers a more rustic, yet classic, style.

"Nothing is straight, plumb, level or perfect," he said. "It's got a lot of character."

The process each time is interesting because each piece of wood is different, he said.

"When you cut a piece on a wood mill, it's a surprise. It keeps you interested," he said, adding that the business also offers custom sawmill services.

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